Does Your Website Make Downloading Easy?  

admin   March 30, 2016   Comments Off on Does Your Website Make Downloading Easy?  

There are many factors that can make your business website stand out.

One thing you do not want to do, however, is stand out for all the wrong reasons. When that happens, your brand and your business could be headed for the trash heap.

Stop and think for a moment about some of the websites (especially business ones) you enjoy visiting.

Do they make it easy to surf their sites, allowing you to download whatever information, products and services, images etc. you want? If not, they’re likely not going to be high up on your list of favorites.

Take the time to review your website and see what makes your business stand out from the crowd, hopefully for all the right reasons.

Business of a Winning Website

To begin with, do a recap of your website from front to back, looking for any inconsistencies that could irritate current and potential consumers.

You should begin with the homepage, making sure it is eye-catching and effective when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers.

Whether your site offers Tradebit downloads or other such options for consumers to locate the product and service information they seek, be sure your site is easy to navigate, avoids broken links, has clear-cut contact information for interested parties, and ranks highly in Google searches.

So, how do you achieve each of those goals?

For starters, navigating your business website should not turn into an adventure, an adventure where consumers ultimately throw in the towel and move on to your competition.

Avoid Bumps in the Road with Your Site

Do dry run-throughs from time-to-time, looking to see how easy it is to navigate your site. If you are running into bumps in the road along the way, take the time to fix those potholes, not leaving them there for consumers to fall into.

Speaking of online potholes, broken links are one of the worst enemies of your website.

Keep in mind that even one broken link can discourage a consumer from coming back to your site. While you will have unexpected breaks on occasion, these should be rare and not the norm. If a consumer reports a broken link to you, make sure you or your I.T. person overseeing things gets on it right away.

Another area of major emphasis should be on the contact information you put forth on your site.

Remember, consumers (especially if they are buying or renting a product or service from you) are going to have questions at times as to your site. If they have trouble reaching out to you because your contact details are vague or altogether hard to find, do you really think they will be regular customers over time?

Your contact information should be front and center on your homepage, making it easy for consumers to reach you.

Also keep in mind that where your business website ranks in Google searches means a lot in terms of business success or failure.

So, how do you work your way up in terms of Internet search engine rankings?

For starters, having solid content on your site should be nothing short of a no-brainier.

While your goal is to obviously sell products and services via your website, you attract more consumers to your site by having marketing initiatives that work.

Assuming you have a blog on your site (if you don’t, get working on one pronto), make sure it is free of spam (don’t go heavy on the sales pushes), paints you as an authoritative figure in your respective industry, and helps consumers with the information they are looking for. Remember, solid customer service will never do you wrong.

As the content on your blog becomes more regular and more authoritative, you should see your search engine rankings go up. In turn, your site will rank higher up the list, giving you essentially more free advertising.

In terms of going full-circle, remember, all of this goes back to making sure your website is easy to surf and download information off of.

When you have a website that is easy to maneuver around, consumers will view you as a trusted source in your respective industry, allowing you to reap the financial rewards that come with such recognition.