A General Introduction to the Recruitment of Agency Workers

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Job positions businesses are not always permanent.

Quite often, the positions happen to be cyclic and seasonal, meaning that the vacancy is a temporary one and as soon as the work is done, it will no longer exist.

It is very difficult for businesses to hire full time employees to take care of these issues. The main reason for this is that it would increase the overhead that the business will have to pay as salaries, bonuses and other benefits.

It is financially detrimental for a business to run daily operations while having staff on its payroll that it can’t afford.

It is here that the agency workers come in.

Agency workers are in simple terms, temporary workers who are contracted out to businesses, while being on the payroll of a completely different and unrelated agency.

The recruiting agency acts as the employer of the agency workers. The workers of the recruiting agency are contracted to work at temporary business positions, depending on the market needs and necessities.

Once the work is over, the agency workers are simply shifted to another assignment or project with a different business.

The concept might be simple but getting things done surely isn’t.

A business still has to deal with a lot of other issues like finding a proper company, estimating the requirements, negotiations, etc.

In general, here is a list of things that a business should look out for before contracting any assignment to recruitment agencies for temporary workers:

1.) Track Record:

If there is one thing that a business should look into, it is the agency’s track record. The workers should have done an excellent task at previous assignment and contracts.

This can probably be overlooked if in case the company happens to be a newly formed entity.

2.) Client Review:

A check should be done with the agency’s former clientele to know more about the agency as well as the workers it dispatched for the task.

Reviews by past client can help in setting present as well as future expectations for the work to be done.

3.) Worker Credentials:

Agencies usually ensure that all of its workers are properly skilled and qualified before contracting them out.

However, this fact shouldn’t be taken for granted.

It is always good to have a personal check with the temporary workers regarding their education, skills, experience, immigration status, etc before sending a contract.

4.) Pricing:

The reason for the job being contracted out is that it is temporary and something that would cost a lot if a permanent employee was hired.

With that in mind, it is necessary to note that the pricing being charged is fair and reasonable.

5.) Work Estimation:

The business should make a proper assessment regarding the needs and requirements of the temporary work, before sending out contracts.

Unless a base level of requirements have been agreed upon, no legal documents can be signed.

While there are certainly a lot more guidelines when it comes to finding an agency for temporary workers, it is by no means conclusive.

This is can but act as a rule of thumb on which they can build their own methodologies when filling up temporary positions in a company.