The Importance of Custom Content for Your Business

admin   November 19, 2016   Comments Off on The Importance of Custom Content for Your Business


Though stock photos can be very professional and aesthetically beautiful, many of our favorite brands invest in creating their own visual content for marketing purpose. You’d never see Starbucks post a picture of any random coffee shop, or a generic cup. Everything, from the colors, the logo, and simply the “feeling” of the photo should represent the brand.

So if we know that original content is so important to our companies’ brands, then why do we still think that posting a generic photo is enough to generate a need to shop at your store, employ your services, or buy your product?

Taking it a step further, original written content can boost your business more than you know. Digital marketers are taking note of the great return on investment that they provide. That’s because blog articles offer a number of different benefits for companies:

  1. They assert the company as a thought leader

If you sell home design products, by writing regular blog posts on different home decorating techniques, trends, or tutorials, your readers will believe in your asserted authority as an expert.

  1. Gives a reason for people to check back

When you give a reader free, useful, and interesting information once, chances are that they might be interested in what you may say in the future. This is how you start a committed relationship with this lead, granted that you continue to cater to the needs of this person. A smart move is to ask the reader to subscribe to your blog, asking for nothing but their email in return. This way you have an address for email marketing while simultaneously increasing your odds that your next blog post will be well-read!

  1. They choose you

When I stumbled on your real estate blog, I wasn’t really ready to buy yet. However, you’ve given me so much useful information over the last few months that now when I’m ready to take the plunge, I choose you! The trust and relationship that you develop through providing free, relevant content also means that it’s a higher quality lead who has clear intentions of buying.

  1. SEO Positioning

The more relevant SEO-optimized content you put on the web, in the form of webpages and blog posts, the greater the chance that you will come up organically on a search engine query. The higher you rank on Google and Bing for your relevant keywords, the more traffic you will get to your website.

However, much like the branding of your company images is important, the tone of voice of your written content is crucial to communicating the unique qualities of your brand and connecting with your target audience. This affects the knitty gritty, from the length of your sentences, which words to use, which to never write, and the overall impression of the piece. Having an in-house content team or a dedicated digital agency will give you the ability to speak with “one voice” and maintain the standard of content that your audience has connected with. By the same token, if you service a multi-lingual community or different countries, you’ll need a dedicated team of certified in-house translators to ensure that the tone of voice in not lost, even when switching languages. There can be nuances and meanings that, when lost in translation, fragment the brand identity of the company, almost as if it had two different logos or sets of colors.

In the end, investing in custom, high quality content for your company is always a good move- especially since the benefits all lead to an increased conversion rate and therefore more sales. Happy writing