Wix Review – Allows Flexibility to Create Customized Website or Blog

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Amongst the many website builders, Wix is the preferred one for good reasons. You get to select from hundred of themes and countless plug-ins, which makes customization in accordance to your specifications. Read Wix review to find out how they help users to create professional, impressive and flexible website for free.

Features of Wix

Website design and templates

With different categories of website templates available, you can build professional and impressive site for free. In terms of quality, diversity and customization ability, templates provided are unbeatable.

Mobile optimization

Never overlook the benefits of mobile optimized website. Use a single website template to build both versions with one URL. This is better for search engine rankings.


Newbie’s can setup a new website or blog quickly because the program is simple. It allows you to create a website within minutes. Just select an appropriate theme and follow instructions. Intuitive editor operates on drag & drop basis. You can use the existing domain or buy one. More advanced premium packages include free domain registration.

Price structure

Basic Wix site builder is free. You get access to great website templates, web editor and other main features. For ranking well on search engines with personal domain, you will have to invest a little. Connecting domain to Wix site is good for SEO and branding purposes. There are different premium plans like connect domain, combo, unlimited, e-commerce and VIP.

Newbie can opt for free site building option to get started. You can go through the features of different premium plans and select. Actually, the VIP and E-commerce plans are a little pricey in comparison.


Wix is programmed to be intuitive. It offers step-by step instructions and there is the Help Centre to go through for understanding all the features. A few video tutorials are made available, which perform a good job of explaining the different features.

Noteworthy features for guest blogging website


Wix provides helpful tools to optimize your website for search engines. A blog can be added to your Wix website, as separate page. With SEO Wizard, you can write better content and it allows getting preview of the guest posts.

Your pages get indexed automatically. It even enhances social integration to help you gain subscribers or sales conversion. Thus you can benefit from plenty of features like analyzing competitors, on-page SEO and more, which can significantly enhance your guest post exposure and traffic.

Social media and blogging

Use special templates made for blogs. SEO wizard enhances your blog with features tag clouds, galleries and social feeds. Using social platforms is the best way to spread message related to your business, very soon. For example, if your company is holding a sales, which will last for some more hours then send tweets to your twitter followers. You can even add media icons of Facebook and Pinterest, to share blog post easily.


Wix website builder is loaded with helpful features. Anyone can employ if for creating website for any kind of purpose. Thousands of impressive website templates, user-friendly web editor as well as mobile optimization are its strong point. A free alternative is provided for those who do not desire to pay. You can start with free plan and lowly upgrade it to benefit from several advanced features.