How Freezer Spacers Can Make a Difference in Your Cold Storage Business?

The freezer spacer is meant for streamlining your blast freezing process and as a result, you can achieve a significant reduction in your energy cost. Based on the setup of your freezer, you can see almost as high as 80% reductions in your energy consumption.

This is not an exaggerated figure to impress upon you but has been documented through extensive tests that were done by a professional institute. The purpose of freezer spaces is to reduce your energy cost.

Top Industries can offer you freezer spacers and customize them according to your needs. Before buying it, you can get the condition of your process simulated in their company and satisfy yourself.

As with the majority of product categories, there are various designs available for freezer spacers. As a result, comparing the actual differences between them and deciding which one is going to be the best for your business is not always simple.

Pallet inverters and freezer spacers

After your packaged goods have been frozen, removing freezer spacers can be done quickly with the correct equipment. A variety of mobile and permanent pallet inverters, as well as pile turners, are offered by pallet inverter manufacturers.

Dealing with freezer spacers is ideal when using pallet inverters.

Faster and safer handling

Using pallet inverters for retrieving freezer spacers can be both safer and faster than manually re-packing pallets after the freezing process because of:

  • No manual heavy lifting.
  • Very low risk of damaging or dropping products.
  • Much faster compared to manual re-stacking.

Using freezer spacers and also pallet inverters

After the freezing process of your products, you could either have the pallets repacked completely or remove the freezer spacers using pallet inverters quickly. The following are the benefits:

  • Safe and efficient handling
  • Reload your goods before entering food or pharmaceutical facilities
  • Replace damaged products or defective pallets from the stack
  • Exchange pallets with any other types e.g., wood, plastic, metal
  • Exchange pallets with some other sizes e.g., euro, half-euro, etc
  • Pull defective pallets out of automated workflows in warehouses
  • Transport rental pallets and keep back the company-owned pallets
  • Freezer spacer pallets are easily handled

How freezer spacer makes difference?

  1. Efficiency

It goes without saying that the main goal of utilising spacers is to leave a gap between the stacked layers. Specifically, in the midst of the stacks, where the cooled air would normally have little contact, this is done to convey the heat from the contents of the stacked boxes.

High efficiency requires both high air speed across the product and maximized contact between the chilled, elevated air stream and the item, in this case, the stacked boxes.

  1. Air-flow

As a result, an even more crucial job of spacers is to ensure that the cold flow of air does not become obstructed beyond the first few pallets but still reaches the pallets at the other end of the frozen chamber with the maximum possible velocity.

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