Lighting Concepts for a Wedding in 2023

One of the most significant days of your life ought to be illuminated in a way that is both memorable and functional. Lighting may set the tone for a whole event by emphasising certain areas or providing general illumination. 

One thing that shouldn’t be forgotten when you begin planning your wedding is the importance of good lighting for the ceremony and the reception. Use uplighting and other tactics to draw attention to the ceremony altar, dance floor, head table, photo booth, and bar, among other focal spots around the venue. The event’s lighting may also play a role in guiding people from one area to the next. Dinner may be brightened up by suspending stylish bistro lights from the ceiling over the dining tables. But when it’s time to let loose and have a good time, dim the lights and sprinkle the room with your wedding colours to raise the energy level and get everyone on the dance floor. 

There is a wide variety of lighting choices for weddings, from glamorous chandeliers to charming fairy lights. In order to help you plan your wedding, Joy has compiled some of the most cutting-edge ideas for wedding lighting, which can transform the mood of any space. 

Crystal chandeliers

Chandeliers made of crystal provide a shimmering, attractive glow and are the illumination of choice for a more conventional wedding day. Crystal chandeliers are often associated with indoor ballroom settings, but they may also be used in unconventional places, such as above an altar or atop a trellis in a garden. You may choose either one of them. For a more enchanted wedding, you may hang little crystal chandeliers from the tree branches.  When you are making outdoor lighting for wedding then here are the options for you.

Lightbulbs strung over the ceiling. 

You may make it seem like nightfall and the stars are out by hanging lights over your dining tables. This kind of lighting is perfect for the reception area since it both delineates the area and gives it a whimsical, welcoming vibe. The most popular choices are warm yellow or white, but you may also have string lights in the colour of your wedding if you’d like. 


Using candelabras as the focal points of your wedding reception will give it a sophisticated and eye-catching appearance. This choice provides a cosier atmosphere and makes it easier for guests to converse across the table. Candlesticks go well with a bohemian, vintage, or whimsical wedding motif. 

Edison’s light bulbs

If you want your wedding decorations to really stand out, try stringing rows of Edison lights from the ceiling or the space above the reception tables during the ceremony or reception. Edison bulbs may create a mysterious and romantic ambience and can be utilised in a number of different ways, such as as a backdrop for a striking head table or as decorations dangling from tree branches during a country-themed wedding. 

A group of votive candles

Votive candles, one of the most often used types of wedding lighting due to its low cost, versatility, and versatility, are a wonderful way to add a touch of romance to your big day. Giant votive candles may be used to illuminate the steps or line the aisle during the ceremony. Then, to spruce up the reception tables, you may add votive candles in various sizes.