Top Reasons to Choose a Customs Clearance Consultant

There might be many reasons for you to contact US customs. Either for the personal export of your belongings or the import of your dream car.

Sometimes, it can be strictly commercial and involve seeking customs clearance of your freight. Import or export of your personal or commercial goods has to undergo the stringent customs clearance process by the US Customs.

You will have to go through a lot of paperwork to get something as simple as importing farm equipment across the border. These strict export/import laws are there to ensure the safety of the borders. But the burden it adds to the transaction of goods across the border is a real struggle.

In order to make the import/export of your goods an easy task, it is best to take services from reputed companies like Clearit customs consulting. They will ensure the fast and successful transaction of your cargo across the border.

The money you spend on the brokerage of a customs consulting firm will be worth every penny. Read on to understand why.

The US Customs is one of the most stringent and fail-proof customs’ systems in the world. Owing to the myriad of import/export laws and customs regulations, it is also one of the most troublesome processes for businesspersons to get around.

It means that there is a high chance of your customs clearance request being rejected because of some small mistake in the paperwork. Considering the tiring amount of documentation involved, it is highly likely that if you attempt to do the customs clearance documentation by yourself, it might have to be reworked.

The paperwork will include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Tax clearance
  • Customs duty clearance
  • Hazard and environmental clearance
  • Road tax and compliance clearance (if applicable)

All the above-mentioned documents have to be submitted at least 72 hours before the import/export date. This 72-hour period is crucial to the customs checks and tests of your cargo to be declared fit for border crossing.

On top of all this is the fact that the customs duties and import/export laws vary according to the different provinces in the USA. This will mean more complications in deciding which forms to fill and what free trade exceptions to apply.

If anything goes wrong, then you will have to do everything from scratch owing to the stringent non-compliance policy of the US Customs.

After going through all the above explanations on the intricacies of US Customs clearance, you should now be convinced as to why smart people team up with a customs clearance consultant for their export/import requirements.