4 times you need an attorney for your divorce in Columbus

A divorce is a complex process, and while the emotional trauma can be hard to endure, you need to look at it from a legal perspective. Besides incompatibility, there are several grounds for divorce in Ohio, including adultery and cruelty. Each case is unique in its own way, and it makes sense to consider all aspects before you initiate the proceedings. In this post, we are sharing four situations when you definitely need a divorce attorney in Columbus, Ohio.

Yours is a high-asset divorce

If you and your spouse own considerable assets, including real estate and businesses, there is obviously more at stake when you file for divorce. You need an attorney who specializes in high-net divorces and will be an advocate for your rights. It is common for such divorces to end up in mediation, which may eliminate the need to rely on the court, but it is still an extensive process. Your lawyer can be your guiding force as you approach the key conflicts.

You have minor children

Children often suffer the consequences when parents separate. That said, as a parent, it is essential that you consider the interests and wishes of your child, depending on their age, about child custody. Child support in Ohio is based on a formula, and the non-custodial parent is supposed to pay that to the custodial parent. Matters concerning child support and custody can become huge issues in a divorce, and it is best to seek help and advice from an experienced family lawyer.

You want alimony

Spousal support or alimony is not based on gender. Still, the court will consider things like the earnings of the spouses, their respective capabilities to earn, and the quality of life during the marriage. Alimony can be a profound point between spouses, especially if one is not keen on supporting the other who is seeking financial assistance. Whether you can ask for spousal support or what you can expect from the other party can be hard to understand. An attorney can help you get the best possible outcome.

You don’t understand the laws

This one is easy to comprehend. When you are not sure of how the divorce process works or need help with paperwork and all other relevant aspects, hiring a lawyer is probably the best bet. Attorneys deal with such matters all the time and can offer you a better insight into the process.

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