5 Entrepreneurial Learnings from Roger Hamilton’s Journey

An entrepreneurial and literary genius, Roger Hamilton is an inspiration for the new-era entrepreneurs and a New York Times bestselling author. He has been an expert at kick-starting new businesses for the bygone 30 years and has dedicated the last 10 years of his life to consolidating the present team. He was focused on Entrepreneur Resorts public along with his team for the past 7 years, giving heed to the Seychelles Stock Exchange. He is currently concentrated on expanding his group into a $1 billion cluster of enterprises.

His company is an education technology firm and a medium which assists more than 1.8 million students and learners with customized paths into entrepreneur education. They are looking after a little over 1300 fresh students who join every day to participate in the entrepreneur quiz and discern their course of the journey towards affluence. The company arranges educational courses for juvenile minds from 0 to 25. In addition, the institute gives learning and practical training courses for 25 to 100 years of age.

Keeping his philanthropic actions in mind, here are 5 things we should learn from Roger Hamilton’s life journey:-

A social entrepreneur will always be a philanthropist – Roger James Hamilton is a visionary and a business-minded optimistic individual who acknowledges the business potential of the upcoming young progeny of entrepreneurs. His initiative provides the base for numerous philanthropic works for students interested in various entrepreneur programs and launching their start-ups. In 2008, he was invited to be a part of the group for his consecrations to social entrepreneurship at the Clinton Global Initiative. His efforts reveal that an entrepreneur can do good only when he or she gives back to the society.

From zero to hero – Roger morphed into an entrepreneur before graduating from college. He calculated the monetary worth of his entrepreneurial education was way more than his academic education, experiencing a loss of several million because of his failures ahead of succeeding. Now, he’s the owner and administrator of enterprises in property, publishing, event management, resort management, coaching, training, online education, and mentoring. His story encourages us to fight for another day despite repeated failures.

A bestselling author – The reason for Roger James Hamilton’s businesses and content is his pursuit of “WorldWide Wealth,” The capacity to elevate our flow as an individual and a team. Roger is certain that each of us can expand our financial knowledge to build up our own money, from which we draw the might to help the surrounding people. His book, The Millionaire Master Plan, was mentioned in the New York Times and The Boston Globe’s bestsellers list in 2014. The credit for penning down books such as ‘Wink and grow rich,’ ‘Your life your legacy,’ ‘Wink: A Modern Day Parable of Wealth Beyond Words,’ ‘Fast Forward Your Business: 8 Paths to Hyper-Growth’ and many more go to Roger James Hamilton, a bonafide genius of today’s times. This example shows that expanding one’s knowledge will always help in the future, as no knowledge is wasted and no encounter useless.

Investing in multiple businesses – The investments an entrepreneur takes up are according to their interests and his team’s interests. Some people are natural investors, some are better at business financing, while others might be apt to invest in properties. For some, investing may be quite free-flowing, whereas it may take some effort. Investing in multiple business fields helps inculcate an all-around experience and gather comprehensive knowledge to create wealth. That is a quality we must all pick up from Roger James Hamilton. This example shows that diversification of wealth through varied investments is the way to go!

Creating a global network of future entrepreneurs – Roger James Hamilton’s organization, an entrepreneur Edtech and education group intends to break the current education framework with a student-oriented, lifetime learning structure that engages students with entrepreneurial, entrepreneurial, and practical leadership skills to excel in today’s market. The group has over 2.9 million students in around 200 countries, beginning from the age of 0 to 100. His company extended its premises through April 2022 (pre-IPO holdings included Genius Group, GeniusU, Entrepreneurs Institute, and Entrepreneur Resorts), enlarging its education system to people of ages beyond its present adult consumer and audience, to children and youngsters or teenagers by its post-IPO acquisitions of Education Angels, E-Squared, University of Antelope Valley, and Property Investors Network. His example shows that sharing knowledge will always help in expanding success and makes it worthwhile.

Wrapping Up

Roger James Hamilton is bringing together diverse groups of dreamers who aspire to create influential enterprises that shake the world and independently generate their wealth. Following in his footsteps will add to the quality of the workforce and the workplace environment. He guides the next generation is moving toward turning revolutionary ideas into real inspiring enterprises that help improve people’s lives all around the globe.