What’s All The Hype About Automation Solutions – Should You Be Influenced Or Not?

No matter what business sector you belong to, automation must be a familiar word to you. It’s the process of integrating software solutions in the company’s systems to automate the entire supply chain workflow. But, the question is, why so much sudden emphasis and interest. If you’ve been thinking about the same and willing to move towards automation, then this is the ideal guide for you.

So, What’s with the entire automation buzz?

Many automation software solutions by firms like Meade Willis help in streamlining the warehouse and transportation procedure so much so that it ends up strengthening trading tie-ups and end with complete customer satisfaction.

These benefits are more than enough to move towards automation. That said, the following automation tools by Meade Willis are worth a mention.

  1. Warehouse And Transportation Management Solutions

WMS and TMS are automation platforms that take care of the 2 pillars of the supply chain – the inventory and the transit.

Warehouse Management Solution manages inventory activities that include the following.

  • Location control
  • Dashboard management
  • Management of business rules
  • Packaging and replenishment of goods
  • Label generation

The main benefits of doing so include the following.

  • It helps with demand planning.
  • It increases labor productivity.
  • It increases production speed and material quality.
  • It eradicates human errors that reduce losses.
  • It increases customer and supplier trust
  • It reduces the cost of operation

Transportation Management Solution, on the other hand, comes into effect from the minute the packages leave the warehouse. The major benefits of this automation software platform are listed below.

  • The package can be tracked in real-time during its transit between different stops until it reaches the end-customers.
  • Since the package is traceable, the entire transit process is transparent. It increases the trust between all the trading parties.
  1. Electronic Data Interchange Solution

This automation solution, also known as EDI, is a cloud-based platform. Its work is to convert all paper documents to electronic documents. The most essential benefit of EDI documents is that they can be transferred between machines as well as between web portals. That said, the EDI solution by Meade Willis is highly flexible.

  • It offers translation of non-EDI documents.
  • It supports many data formats and offers data conversion facility too.

Other than these automation software solutions, you can also integrate some others like Electronic invoicing and web order management. These are just as beneficial as the others.