Benefits of using social media for recruitment

Social media is increasingly used by companies to recruit people with potential. According to the studies, most companies have turned to social media platforms to find the right candidates for their vacancies.

Recruiters can use social media platforms to search information about candidates that may lead them to call for an interview.

That’s why it’s important to build a professional profile on the platforms you use. For example, you can create a profile on the professional social networking platform LinkedIn, where you can get in touch with specialists in your field of work.

It is essential to be part of an active network. This way you will be kept up to date with everything new in your field.

Many recruiters also use Twitter to promote various ads. This includes various academic platforms or groups, especially when it comes to hiring a junior intern.

Recruitment specialists use these platforms to check a candidate’s background or certain software skills that can become important criteria in the recruitment decision.

Companies have also stepped up their social media outreach for two main reasons:

– To improve employer image;

– To increase visibility among customers.

What are the advantages of using social media platforms to recruit candidates?

  • Minimal costs – If you select experienced recruiters who know where and how to post ads, the investment will be minimal. That’s why it’s recommended that you look for alternatives that guarantee high standards of professionalism and safety.
  • The ability to reach as many candidates as possible – Social media platforms offer the advantage of generating interest among many job seekers. You can also even reach out to passive people who aren’t necessarily eager to hire, but who have all the right attributes for the open position.
  • Posting recruitment ads, which are not always available on recruitment websites – Some companies prefer to use social networking sites, because of the visibility of the candidate’s profile
  • The hiring process is successfully streamlined – You won’t have to spend a lot of time searching for the best candidates for your company. The screening process will be run quickly without the issue of subjectivity. Social networking opens new perspectives in the area of recruitment. Valuable people can be found on these platforms, especially if the right filters are set.


Using social media platforms can be of great help in the recruitment process. However, companies can also use the services of an IT recruitment company to get the best people.