Choose the Best Options in the Essay Writing and More

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The tempo

Why do some texts read faster and more entertaining than others? As with movies, the tempo plays an important role.

No varied sentences: short and concise and not just box sets – who wants to write modern, relies on staccato sentences. But always short and sweet also ensures that texts quickly bore the reader. A good article should skillfully alternate sentence lengths and structures.

Thematically sprawling paragraphs and repetitions: Texts should not be dragged out unnecessarily. Can a sprawling paragraph be summarized in two sentences? Then it is obvious that your article does not motivate the reader to read on.

  • Man with pumpkin helmet on motorcycle.
  • Full speed ahead – at the right pace for your text.

The writing style

You have or not write style – even if you can argue about taste, there are some points that deteriorate the writing style objectively.

Do not write down abbreviations: content marketing content is not research notes. The text should read fluently. For this reason: Testers must always write out abbreviations.

Passive instead of active: Bad lyrics are written, but not by Horst, because he writes good lyrics. Passive sentences read more cumbersome than their active colleagues and a text appears less lively through them.

Word duplications: Why are bad texts bad? Because bad lyrics are bad? No, because inadequate texts are inferior. Always replace word duplication in your texts with appropriate synonyms.

Incomprehensible foreign words: Supercalifragilisticexpialigetisch – not all texts get along without foreign words. However, they should be sparse in your text and always explained.

Well, actually we would like to write good lyrics. You cannot write filler words, but you should not. They contribute nothing to the content and meaning of a text and only inflate it unnecessarily. The text loses its succinctness.

Exception: Fill-words that display and initiate a sequence (for example: therefore, therefore, therefore, therefore) or a conflict (for example: against, yet, however, however) may be important. However, copywriters should use them sparingly. The writing lab offers a test that allows you to check your texts for unnecessary filler words.

With the help of tools such as word league you can identify stylistic and grammatical need for improvement in your articles. But watch out: Not all style breaks are something negative, depending on the text, an article can also stand out from the contribution mass.

The sources

  • If the information in your Content Marketing content is expert knowledge, then it should come from trusted sources.
  • Citations not marked: Foreign citations must always be marked and the source indicated.
  • No reputable sources: is the source freely available? Who is the author? Which website is she from? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself if you check the sources in your article.

The grammar

Although one or the other may argue about the grammatical rules of old versus new spelling, some copywriters must abide by certain rules. Even with grammatical subtleties that over “that vs. that “go out, should not erroneous creeps.