Cryptocurrency as a financial asset. How to secure it?

Cryptocurrency is a type of digital currency, the main scheme of which is the principle of proof of work performed “Proof-of-work”. The creation and verification of each new currency unit is based on some cryptographic methods.

Cryptocurrencies arose precisely in order to ignore the conservative fiat-credit monetary system, outside of which ordinary money cannot exist.

Among the advantages of Bitcoin are open-source cryptocurrency, endless transaction possibilities, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency network, and lack of inflation, as the number of coins in this system grows at a certain rate, which should coincide with the rate of gold mining on the planet.

The transaction includes information from which wallet to which the amount is transferred, its size, as well as the timestamp of the transaction. This record is marked with the encrypted key of the sending node and is sent to all other network nodes for confirmation. Due to the decentralization of the system, transactions do not pass through any specific servers, so they are very difficult to track.

In order to make the traces of transactions invisible the special services are used. One of them is BitMix.

Features that make BitMix different from others?

To ensure the maximum privacy of your cryptocurrency transactions, BitMix includes the following features:

  • BitMix does not save transaction logs after consensus is reached;
  • The simple interface of the site allows you to use its services without additional advice or training;
  • A multi-level referral system is provided (you can earn up to 70% from the commissions of each invited participant);
  • The resource is accessible through the Tor browser (an additional security measure);
  • There is no account system (no need to provide email or other personal information);
  • The support service responds quickly enough to user requests (24-48 hours);
  • It provides instant mixing due to constantly mixing large pool of coins;
  • The BitMix site provides the ability to perform operations with PTS, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin.