Here are the Major Road Construction Work Zone Safety Tips

With the weather being all fine, work zones buzz with workers. It becomes highly necessary to make these zones safe for these workers as well as everyone around it. Hence, here are certain tips that every management can consider while designing their work zone safety policy.

Have a plan

Every road construction project must have a transportation management plan too. This must be a very basic outline of traffic control management and how the workers can be protected while they are on duty. The plan must also contain effective ways to conduct the traffic throughout the areas.

Proper traffic control

The entire work area must consist of warning signs alerting the commuters, drivers, and motorists about how the driving conditions are changing ahead. The advanced warning signs can consist of indications about area transitions, lane closures, traffic pattern shifts, buffer areas, work areas, or termination areas that allow the traffic to resume back. There can also be signs installed to indicate that the work zone has ended ahead.

Creating separate work areas

With the construction zones being busy most of the time, there are hazardous activities taking place almost always. The authorities must use cones, barrels, and barriers to delineate the workspaces and prevent accidents. There can be specific areas created where there will be materials stored, areas where heavy equipment will be used, areas that will be exclusively used as parking, and areas that will allow free worker and commuter movement.

Wearing proper safety equipment

The personnel at these work zones must always be wearing personal protective equipment. These include hard hats, steel-toed boots, high visibility clothing, and hearing protection depending upon their exposure to the noise levels. The vest and clothing must be bright fluorescent orange, lime, or green and should consist of reflective material within them.

Awareness about the surroundings

Regardless of what your duties are within the work zone, you must be well aware of your surroundings and how they are changing. You should avoid walking around where construction vehicles are moving or backing up. Have the availability of a spotter within the zone that will help monitor the vehicle movement and alert the workers about any potential dangers.

Consult the Capital Traffic control specialists who will chalk out an ideal safety plan to help you out through the entire traffic management within the work zones.