How To Start An eCommerce Business Before 2019 Ends

So, you want to build an ecommerce business? Diving into the modern entrepreneurship space takes guts and skill. If you wish to learn about concrete tips to help your venture take off, congratulations, you have come to the right place! Here are eight key details that you have to look into for your ecommerce business.

  1. Choose A Unique Product

Many people think ecommerce is the right avenue for them because they have so many great ideas. Others, on the other hand, struggle to get through the first step. To help you in this very crucial step, ask yourself this: “What do other people need that they are willing to pay money for?” Thinking about marketability and customer trends can help you decide on a product or service.

To help you decide, research on products that are currently on high demand on the market. Consider the ecommerce golden trifecta:

  1. Something that is trending
  2. Something not too heavy for shipping
  3. Something that is cost-efficient, but with high value

  1. Make Your eCommerce Brand A Reality

First, you need to establish a brand persona. How do you want people to identify and remember your brand? Next, choose a business name and build an attractive logo. Finally, choose a domain name and a domain suffix for your website.

  1. Manufacturing, Packaging, and Shipping Your Product

One of the most critical problems you might face in ecommerce is the logistical challenge. You have to think about the details of manufacturing and packaging for your product. One question to ask is, “What is kind of unboxing experience do I want my customers to have?”

In terms of shipping, it would be best to have an affordable third party or 3P Logistics partner that can deliver exceptional results. These companies are generally cheaper and quicker compared to shipping from your home using postal carriers.

  1. Establish Rockstar Customer Service

In starting a business the right way, you should establish a top-tier customer service from the beginning. Customer care is now viewed as a branding issue, and as a startup, you should never allow complaints to overshadow your booming enterprise. Some tips you should consider are:

  1. Setting up a specialized customer support email
  2. Replying to emails as fast as you can
  3. Having email templates handy
  4. Sending hand-written “thank you” notes
  5. Giving free products to unsatisfied customers
  6. Creating a website FAQ section
  7. Creating a chatbox on your website

  1. Launch Your eCommerce Store

A successful launch can do wonders for your business like having a strong customer base, so you can have an influx of cash. Don’t waste the chance to make a splash in your chosen field! Pick a launch date and design a killer landing page on your site to build up the excitement. Don’t forget to build buzz on social media and upload dazzling product photos. Double-check everything and try to commit to influencer marketing for a broader scale.

  1. Build Your eCommerce Brand

Now that your business is up, there’s no time to sit back and relax. Continue committing to strategies that will build your brand. Utilize Instagram to keep your brand trending, and keep working with social media influencers to have a more massive reach. Don’t forget to market using valuable content, so create blog posts, infographics, podcasts, and videos aligned with your brand.

At this point, don’t forget to retain the high-quality service that you have been going with. Make sure you are in close coordination with your 3P Logistics partner so that you can deliver your marketing promises.

  1. Some Final Tips for Starting and Maintaining Your eCommerce Business

As you continue building your ecommerce empire, here are some final words that you should keep in mind:

  1. Always communicate clearly with your customers. If you treat your customers well, they will return the favor. Online audiences are hard to retain, so make sure that you pay attention and add a personal touch.
  2. Keep tabs on your statistics. Bringing awareness to details in your business and performance indicators will help you identify potential problems and make sure you are on top of everything.
  3. Don’t doubt yourself. You will face many challenges but don’t hesitate and keep on fighting through it. Celebrate your victories, be patient that they will come.

Now, it’s time to go on and do the work. It’s time to open your ecommerce business and share your creations to the world. For your shipment needs, partner with 3P Logistics UK, because you deserve only the best.