Keep Your Business Data Private: Hire Pro Shredders

You don’t need to read a newspaper for very long today to find stories about major companies and prominent political parties getting their security breached. High-profile hacks are increasingly common, and they can be very debilitating.

While online security is a distinct threat from other kind of security breaches, we’re living in a time where organizations are keenly aware of the need to keep their data private. If your business is looking to get the final word on commercial data destruction then there’s only one way: hire professional shredders.

Here is how professional shredders can keep your company’s data confidential:

Paper Shredding Services

Companies inevitably produce reams of paper in the course of doing business. This could mean everything from tax records, banking information, old contracts, and more.

Some of them may bear sensitive information you wouldn’t want in the wrong hands. If a rival get hold of it, they could use it to undermine your business or even blackmail you.

Professional shredders make certain that there is absolutely no trace of the documents left, so you have total peace of mind that they’re gone. Even the shredded paper is recycled properly, so that in addition to knowing these documents no longer pose any security risk you’ll also lower your company’s carbon footprint.

Commercial Destruction Services

Technology is ubiquitous in today’s modern era: in a world where everybody is carrying small computers in their pocket, of course electronics are also commonly found in commercial offices.

If your business has old devices lying around which may contain sensitive data, the safest thing to do is have it professionally shredded. Naturally, we think of computers first, but a more comprehensive list may have some items that surprise you:  hard drives, flash/USB drives, back-up tapes and drives, laptops and tablets, cell phones, data tapes, and photocopier and printer memory cards.

It’s hard to do a thorough scan of each device to make sure it doesn’t contain info you need kept private, so if there’s any doubt just have it shredded.

Unorthodox Destruction

Sometimes there are unusual objects at work that you may not immediately associate with shredding, but it contains sensitive information all the same and needs to be destroyed.  A basic list might include: uniforms with logos, clothing or t-shirts, labelling/packaging, cosmetic packaging, food production package destruction, promotional items, dental moulds, X-rays, and more.

It’s important to think about what’s being shredded as information, because it doesn’t matter what form it takes — if there’s any information in your possessions that you don’t want data thieves or business rivals to ever see, get it professionally shredded.

There is greater awareness of the risk of security breaches ever since high-profile leaks have become a frequent occurrence in mainstream news. Yet, companies are often surprisingly cavalier about their security. Don’t make that same mistake: if you have any type of sensitive information, make sure to get it destroyed by a professional shredder.