Role Playing Android Game – Magic Rampage

Magic. We all love magic. Sometimes we wish to happen some magical things in our lives too. We love to live in a magical world. if you also love a magical world full of fantasies then sure you must try this nice game. A game full of magical fantasies. The game Magic Rampage.

Magic Rampage Android Game

This game is all about a magical world. you can roam in a world full of magics. Explore for the challenges and win over them, superb game to spend your free time. It is an action filled gameplay combined with RPG genre.

Once I used to play the game, I found that the game is very addictive. The graphics of the game are very simple, beautiful and of course very attractive. The background music led to have goosebumps even, I really love the music. It gives me the real feeling of a magic world. Whenever I am playing this game the only thing that comes to my mind is that I am Young Warlock Merlin. I really love the Merlin Series and I think that is why I am loving this game also a lot. 

Inside this game you may find much more things to explore. Explore the secrets of the magical world, face the challenges and enjoy this game now. You can download this game from any of your favorite app store like AC Market.

This game also available on TV boxes including Android TV boxes, Google TV boxes and Fire TV devices. Since all based on Android you can easily install this using any Android TV app store like Filelinked.

What you can do here?

The game offers several magical characters. These characters include Warlock, Sorceress, Druids, Thief, Mage and many more. You can select the character according to your wish. Inhere these characters are given the name class. You can select the class you want and start to play the game.

In here you can also customize your character by selecting the best armor, weapon and the skills of the character. Dress them in a nice way with the needed weapons and so on in order to win the upcoming challenges. You can buy several armors from a collection according to the coins you are selecting though your quest.

That means inside this magical world along your journey you have to overcome some challenges and you can collet some coins and treasures. Can spend these coins to upgrade your magical weapons to make your character more powerful.

Inside the game you have to face some obstacles like zombies, ghosts, giant spiders, dragons, bats, monsters and so on. use your power and weapons to win over them. Dungeons are the places where you will meet all these secrets, enemies and etc. There are different types of dungeons you will come across in the gameplay.

You can play the game in the online mode with other players all around the globe.  play inside random dungeons and be the best magician. Win over all your friends. 

I am sure once you start to play the game you will get addict to the game. this game is really wonderful and very easy to play even. But full of adventures and actions. 

Do you feel any hiccups or lags while playing this game? You can boost your device performance for smooth gameplay using apps like Clean master, AVG Cleaner, CCleaner and etc. Just search junk cleaners on play store and choose your favorite.