Outsourced Secretary Services: Business Needs or just an Extra Expenditure?

Due to the lack of time and funds, many companies turn to independent secretarial agencies. This is a really handy solution and this article will tell you why.

The work of an independent secretary

First of all, an independent secretarial is a qualified person who performs the tasks of a secretary within a company or by teleworking, without being an employee of this company. It offers administrative services to companies wishing to delegate their administrative management. She works on her own for various clients such as VSEs, SMEs, liberal professions or even craftsmen.

Independent secretary: A Need for SMEs

Companies call on independent secretaries for one-off or regular needs that do not require the full-time recruitment of an employee. This practice provides a number of advantages:

  1. The ease: Having recourse to an independent assistant frees you from the administrative constraints linked to recruitment. A contract for the provision of services is the contractual relationship between you and the independent secretary.
  2. Flexibility: An independent secretary adapts her work according to the needs of the client company. So you have the possibility to pay for a service as needed. In other words, you only invoice for work done without a long-term commitment.
  3. Control of your budget: Services are the only charges, so you don’t have to pay social charges, recruitment costs and other additional expenses. With an independent secretary, only the services presented in an estimate are invoiced. Once the estimate is validated, the secretary must respect the commitments within the agreed deadlines. But you also have the option of agreeing on a budget not to exceed for a task invoiced by the hour to avoid a nasty surprise at the time of invoicing.
  4. Respect for deadlines and confidentiality: Professionals of Company secretary services Singapore are required to respect the agreed deadlines. And you can also append a confidentiality clause to the contract for the provision of services which guarantees the protection of the information processed.
  5. A competent and professional person on request: An independent secretary brings all her administrative experience to the benefit of client companies. But she is also available on demand, meaning that she is ready to work in an emergency, at the end of the day and even on weekends.

Limits to the work of an independent secretary

Despite the many advantages, some companies are still reluctant to hire an independent secretary for many reasons:

Confidentiality and trust: Giving access to confidential documents to an external service provider can be difficult for a company. There is a lack of a certain relationship of trust.

The inability to control actual working hours: when an independent secretary works on a regular basis for a company, she keeps track of her hours. However, it is difficult for the company in question to control the actual hours.

A distant relationship: as the work is done remotely, the relationship between the independent secretary and her client is less friendly, which may displease managers who favour human contact in their professional relationship.

While choosing a Company secretary services Singaporelook for their past work with other clients, ask for reviews and research properly before hiring them. Make sure the secretarial you are hiring has S pass Singapore or PR.