Steps for setting up a company in Dubai

  1. Determine the nature of the activity of the company:
    It is one of the most important measures required by the laws and procedures to establish companies in Dubai, which will regulate the flow of all procedures and facilitate them according to every desirable activity, after which it will determine the parties associated with the activity and the permitted legal forms. There are over 2,000 economic activities available in the UAE, and economic activities are classified into three main types:

Commercial / Professional / Industrial / | As these activities are divided into different groups

Commercial: It includes wholesale and retail trade, construction, transportation, warehousing and communications, financial intermediation, real estate and leasing.

Professional: These are activities that depend on the mental and physical effort for their practice and include cultivation, fishing, education, health and social work, community, social and personal services activities.

Industrial: it includes manufacturing industries, mining and quarrying, electricity, gas and water.

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It also includes tourism activities. In the event that you want to choose an activity that is not included in the available activities and you have a full description of this activity, our experts in Mastery will provide you with full support in order to be able to choose the activity you want and complete the procedures for establishing a company in Dubai.

  1. Determine the legal form of the company
    The choice of the legal form of a company within the UAE depends on the nationality of its owners, ‌ and the type of company you plan to establish in Dubai and it is listed according to the following:
  • Solidarity Company: The Solidarity Company can only carry out commercial and industrial activities
  • Limited Liability Companies: Any industrial, commercial, or professional activity, except for law enforcement and auditing activities, and any other type of consulting activities, with the exception of that activity for financial consulting, provided that approval is obtained from the regulatory authorities for this activity.
  • Public Joint Stock Company: Public shareholding partners can practice commercial, industrial and professional activities.

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  • Private Joint Stock Company: A private joint stock company can practice any commercial or industrial activity.

Civil Works Company: Civil business partners only practice professional activities.

  • A branch of a Gulf company, or a branch of a local company: The branch of a Gulf or local company can carry out all the activities listed in the license of the original company.
  • A branch of a foreign company: The branches of foreign companies can practice professional activities, the activity of the commercial representation office, and indirect commercial activities such as contracting.

Free Zone Company Branch: A branch of a free zone company can engage in commercial, industrial and professional activities as long as the parent company’s activity is licensed within the Emirates.

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Individual Institution: The institution can carry out commercial, industrial and professional activities.

  1. Register the trade name
    This is what distinguishes a license from the other, as it is related to the form of the company and its activity and is achieved by several important conditions imposed by the Department of Economic Development on the trade name before approval of them:

The trade name does not contain inappropriate words, it does not violate the general taste, and the company name accurately reflects the commercial activity

The company’s name accurately reflects the commercial activity, etc.

  1. Obtaining the initial approval
    After determining the activity, the legal form, and registering the trade name, you must obtain the initial approval for your economic activity, which leads you to follow-up in order to obtain the approval of the authorities related to the activity.

Here, our experts will assign all of your company’s legal and paperwork to government agencies for us, and our staff will do what is necessary on your behalf to complete all steps with the various government agencies from our destinations and across the team working with the relevant government agencies in the Emirate of Dubai with its long experience and permanent dealings with them.

  1. Prepare the founding contract and service agent agreement
    6. Choose a location for your business
    You must choose a site to run your business. All companies must have an existing physical address located in the United Arab Emirates, and it must fulfill the specific requirements and land allocation regulations by the municipality.
    You can add other licenses on the same site as your existing license with important basics to keep in mind.
  2. Obtaining the approvals of the entities concerned with the activity of the facility
    Some activities require additional approvals from regulators

Including the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Justice, approval from the Civil Defense if the activity, for example, relates to activities for selling firefighting equipment, etc.

You will not need additional approvals for activities that fall within the scope of the Department of Economic Development and you can also obtain assistance from the Department of Economic Development regarding additional entities related to your economic activity.

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  1. Obtaining the license
    After completing all the required steps, you can receive an activity license after attaching the required documents, including the steps that have been mentioned and submitted to the Department of Economic Development and paying the fees of the commercial license.

After that, register as a member of the Chamber of Commerce and you will need to join the Chamber of Commerce membership in the concerned emirate, before you can start your economic activity.

We do all of this through our experts in mastery and easy and easy three steps without any complications and are committed to you until the establishment of your company.