Strategies for Sharpening Your Attitude in Live Hard Phase 1

After completing the Andy Frisella 75 Hard program and observing its positive benefits, it was only natural to continue the program by completing the initial phase of the Living Hard mental toughness program. In this podcast episode, Brendan Pettit, Rob Cressy’s accountability partner, and Rob discuss their first Live Hard experience and ideas for improving your attention.

  • How did their perspective alter from when they were performing 75 Hard to when they completed this 30-day phase?
  • What obstacles did they face, and how did they overcome them?
  • What were the results of Live Hard Phase 1?
  • Which aspect of their daily schedule was most essential to completing the project?

If you want to become the most successful version of yourself, this episode will emphasize the routines, habits, and lessons we learned during our initial Live Hard experience period.

What is Phase 1 LIVE HARD?

Every day for thirty days, you execute these eight things without compromise as part of the 75 hard phase 1 program.

  • Exercise twice daily for a total of 90 minutes: 45 minutes indoors and 45 minutes outdoors. You may select any exercise program or workout you desire. You must follow a rigorous diet that prohibits cheat meals and alcohol. You are able to craft your own diet.
  • 10 pages should be read from a nonfiction or personal development book. Anything that aids in your development. Please note that audiobooks are excluded.
  • Consume a gallon of water. Every day, snap a picture of your improvement.
  • 5 minutes of a chilly shower
  • Add three key chores on your list of power lists.
  • 10 minutes of concentrated visualizing.


When I originally began phase 1 of 75 Hard, I was unsure about what to anticipate. I was counting down the days until I reached my ultimate objective of completing the program in the first third of the allotted time, but it was still a distant prospect. This mindset was ineffective for me. Everything was revolutionized on day twenty-four, when I began to shift my perspective and completely embrace the adventure. After that, I began to view it as an opportunity rather than a struggle. As a result, I felt more inspired to complete the program and enhance my confidence.

In the first section of Live Hard, I assumed that there was an 80% chance that I would be able to accomplish this. There was absolutely no doubt in my mind. The objective was not to be attained. The main objective was to sharpen my weapon. to see what I could discover about myself in thirty days. I was able to move more quickly since I felt confident in my activities throughout.

  • 10 Minutes of Mental Imagery

I really appreciated the 10 minutes of visualization in the first portion of Live Hard. Because I already adhere to this style of thinking, it was a pleasant addition to my routine. While outdoor exercise, I would picture.

I discovered that my inspiration increased. I created a vision board album on my phone, which I would flick through to get a sense of the projects I’m working on. Thus, I am flooded with the pleasure of generating it.