The Benefits of Managed Print Services for your Construction Company

Digitized workflow systems, processes and software are becoming integral parts in every company, from various sectors and industries. These modernization initiatives cover managing printer fleet and document workflows as more and more companies and managers realize the real cost their printers are giving them.

Green Office Partner, a Xerox managed print services company is a trusted partner for MPS and they cover several different industries and companies in Chicago. Green Office Partner aims to help you start your road to optimizing printer fleet management and have been assisting companies from the automotive to healthcare industries, education to manufacturing, and now, construction is slowly getting on the bandwagon.

The construction industry is in the middle of a digital transformation and firms that do not innovate through technological solutions fall behind their competitors. To start, all construction companies print a large amount of documents for their project plans, agreements, project blueprints, etc. Given all the planning updates and different parties involved per project, this is unavoidable.

As such, digitizing these processes and optimizing document workflow will not only reduce direct printing and paper costs, but will also streamline processes and communication efficiency between teams. Green Office Partner is your top managed print service provider for construction in Chicago as they are one of the firsts to tackle this industry. They will be able to help you alleviate costs and increase productivity by targeting these common problem areas:

  • Double work: Common instances of referring to and working on outdated blueprints and plans because team structures are not updated timely and properly
  • Wasted time: Inefficient processes and no smooth communications between teams that cause delays in project timelines that may eat at revenues and client satisfaction
  • Lost revenue: Poor management of construction documents reduces profitability and risks future bids

Top service provides conduct individual assessments of your company’s print infrastructure to understand your specific needs and document workflow. This will provide reliable insights and data that will allow them to customize their services fitting for your business environment. As such, you will be able to enjoy the following results especially with a Xerox managed print service partner like Green Office Partner:

  • State-of-the-art equipment: see the plans you have on your desktop to wide format plotters that print, scan, copy construction drawings, blueprints, project documents, and color presentations
  • Tight-knit teams: the services, software and supplies will increase device reliability and team collaboration while reducing costs, administrative tasks and IT workload
  • Staying up-to-date: teams collaborating on every project will receive access to real-time updates on project documents to keep them informed in the office or on jobsites
  • In-house technological solutions: customize construction software and solutions will expose inefficiencies and improve overall quality, productivity and processing time

With these positive results that increase employee productivity, team collaboration and communication that concludes with higher profitability overall and will also make your clients happy and satisfied, construction companies are starting to see the benefits that managed print services can provide. They are willing to place technological solutions in their once paper-driven offices.