The best man’s duties

When your mate decides to get married he might look to you to be his best man, not just because you are his best friend but because he knows you know him better than anyone and trusts you to give him the best send off. Being anyone’s best man is an honour. You might start off being excited by the prospect of being in charge  of the bucks night Melbourne. The beer, the stripper and the general crazy antics that people get up to. Once you get over that initial excitement of getting the job, it will become clearer that although you get the best perks and the best title, you also get the most responsibilities. 

There are probably five key activities that are absolutely your responsibility. The suit, the rings, the bucks do, getting the groom transportation on time and the speech. 

#1. The suit

You will have to chat with the bride about colour schemes, the style of suit and how it should complement her dress. If it sounds too complicated for you, say so, so that this task can be given to someone who understands fashion, style, etc.   

#2. Organise the bucks party

This is what most best men dream about: the glorious night of unbridled male fun. Alcohol and strippers are the first things you’ll have to think about. Where are you holding this do and how many strippers will it take to make the night truly epic. You don’t have to burst your head thinking about this, a lot of gentleman’s club offer bucks night Melbourne packages that include all the basics and then some other extra activities. Opting for a package will make it easy to focus on other things and you can relax knowing that there is someone who is looking after all your needs. Of course, you have to talk to the groom to find out what their wishlist will be. You might even have to talk to the bride, who will definitely have something to say about strippers. A lot of brides-to-be worry about this part because they assume strippers means infidelity. You know that strippers aren’t prostitutes just beautiful women who dance and happen to take their clothes of whilst they do that. Reassure the bride that there will be no shenanigans and then go on to organise and show her some buck party packages that various establishments have so she gets a general idea of what will go on.

#3. Look after the rings

The groom might give the wedding rings to you for safe keeping. They have no business being in one of your many pockets or on your dresser or any conspicuous place at your house. Keep them in a safe if you have one or talk the jeweller into keeping them for you until the day before the actual wedding. It doesn’t matter how you do it, really. Just don’t loose them.

#4. Make sure that the groom shows up 

You are the groom’s right hand man. He trusts that you have things under control whilst he juggles his own obligations. Your job is to get him ready, looking good and on time. You may be in charge of getting the special transportation for the groom. It could be a limo, a lambo or a horse-drawn carriage. Whatever it’s going to be, you have to hire it and make sure that it gets the groom to the wedding venue  on time.

#5. Deliver a killer speech

You have to say a few words about the groom and him getting married to his lovely bride. A lot of people think you can just wing the speech but you shouldn’t. You have to write it down beforehand, add a couple of jokes and a personal story about your mate and how happy you are he is leaving the ‘single-ab-available’ fraternity for this “gorgeous” bride next to him. You might want to try out the speech before hand and get some feedback. If you can memorise the whole thing, then that’s good. But considering that your alcohol-addled brain will be filled with so many other things, it’s better to put it in paper. 

This all might sound like a lot of work but it can be fun. Remember that your friend is starting a new chapter in his life, your job is to make sure that he ends the old one on a high note.