The Fundamentals of 2-Way, 85 CV Control Valves

There is a complex and fascinating range of parts that are made for various industrial systems and controllers, each with a specific function. The 85 CV control valve is one such crucial component. But for what purpose exactly are the 85 CV control valves used?

What are the 85 CV Control Valves Used For?

The 85 CV control valve, such as b252+afrb24, a sometimes-underappreciated gem in the industrial world, is essential for managing fluid flow. Temperature, pressure, flow, and other crucial characteristics in an industrial process can all be controlled by these valves, which are well renowned for their accurate and effective operation. But why do people value these control valves so highly?

The 2-way, 85 CV control valve is a crucial piece of equipment that must be thoroughly understood in order to achieve efficient and effective control over fluid velocity. But what precisely are these gadgets, and how can they help make things run more smoothly? The basics of 2-way, 85 CV control valves will now be discussed.

The 2-Way, 85 CV Control Valves: Basics

The 2-way, 85 CV control valve is a component that is essential for controlling the volume of fluid flowing through a system. The valve has two ports—an outlet and an inlet—which gives it a two-way feature.

Important Characteristics of a 2-Way, 85 CV Control Valve

You might wonder what makes these valves special. Let’s get to the meat of the matter. The capacity to regulate flow A 2-way, 85 CV control valve’s main function is to regulate fluid flow. By differentially altering the distance between the valve and the valve seat, it accomplishes this.

Two-way feature: These valves are classified as 2-way since they have both an intake and an outlet port. This makes it easier for fluid to enter and exit the system.

(85 CV) High Capacity: A valve’s ability to handle fluid is directly correlated with the size of its CV. These valves fall within the high-capacity category with a CV of 85, which makes them perfect for big fluid management systems.

Principle of Operation for a 2-Way, 85 CV Control Valve

The actuator causes motion in the valve stem after the control system sends a signal. As a result, the disk begins to move toward or away from the valve seat. Fluid flow is regulated as a result of the altered valve gap.

The Confidence in 85 CV 2-Way Control Valves

These valves from Blackhawk Supply are well-known in the industry for their adaptability and effectiveness in controlling enormous amounts of fluid. Additionally, its durable design promises longevity, giving users confidence.


Your command over fluid flow control will improve once you comprehend how a 2-way, 85 CV control valve operates. Understanding these heavy-duty equipment pieces’ basic principles is therefore key to operating them in a way that gives you control over your activities.