The most common types of workplace accidents at Syracuse 

Every year, workers suffer injuries in a wide range of workplace mishaps, including motor vehicle collisions, repetitive stress injuries, and falls from great heights. A knowledgeable Syracuse construction accident lawyer can support you in your efforts to obtain the benefits and monetary recompense you require if you have been hurt at work in Syracuse.

An overview of common workplace accidents

Workplace auto accidents

When an automobile accident occurs while a worker is driving for work, it may be seen as a workplace accident. This includes traveling by car between the employer’s workplaces, a client’s location, or even outside of town to attend a work-related event.

Accidental falls at work

One of the most frequent kinds of accidents at work is a slip and fall. A workplace slip and fall accident could be caused by unfavorable weather conditions or poor workspace maintenance.

Falls from great heights

A worker may fall from a height, such as a roof, scaffolding, cherry picker, scissor lift, or gangway. These mishaps may be brought on by slick surfaces, inadequate illumination and visual obstacles, unfavorable weather, and a lack of safety gear like railings, fencing, or harnesses.

Repetitive stress disorders

When a worker must repeat the same physical action repeatedly for an extended amount of time during the workday, for many consecutive workdays, it might result in a repetitive stress injury. These accidents frequently happen in the manufacturing, agricultural, and construction sectors.


Higher hazards of electrocution exist for employees in the utility, repair, and construction sectors. However, other workers may suffer electrocution due to faulty machinery or equipment or because of risky workplace conditions.

Exertion-related injuries

When performing strenuous physical labor for an extended period of time, frequently in warm or muggy conditions, a worker may give in to overexertion. In the industrial, warehouse, construction, and agricultural sectors, overexertion is frequent.

Struck by anything

A worker may be harmed and hurt when an object falls from a height, such as a roof, shelf, crane, or lift. In some instances, a worker might be hit by a completely falling structure, such as shelving, scaffolding, or a wall. In other cases, a forklift or other piece of equipment that was being used carelessly may strike a worker.

Struck up against something

Crush injuries, which include broken bones, soft tissue injuries, spine injuries, head injuries, or internal organ damage, can occur when a worker is struck against an item. Crush damage to limbs may eventually necessitate amputation.