What Kind of Wall Décor Choices you Can Have for Your Business?

When it comes to furnishing our rooms, we love to order furniture, home accessories, and lamps from online shops. We spend hours adding items to our virtual shopping cart and discovering loads of interior inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram at the same time. But the walls? They are often forgotten. Even two years after the last move, they still look exactly the same in the dining room, children’s room or kitchen as they did at the beginning: white, empty, bland. When it comes to the wall decor ideas then the deals are most essential there.

There are several reasons for this. On the one hand, furniture, textiles and decorative objects have priority and shopping is so much fun. On the other hand, annoying drilling and painting work deter many from devoting themselves to the “wall decoration project”. But now it’s over. Because we will show you wonderful wall decoration ideas for every room that you are guaranteed to want to imitate even if you are not a DIY or design professional.

Wall Decoration Ideas: Choose the Right Wall Color

Beautiful wall paint makes every room whether living room, dining room or bathroom appears more stylish. If you don’t dare to paint your bedroom, children’s room or kitchen completely colorful, you can focus on just one wall first. Which wall color is right for you? You have to decide for yourself. Pay attention to which colors appeal to you in general – for example in fashion and which of them would look good in your home. Neutral tones such as gray, taupe or cream are of course always possible. If you like it a little more unusual, you can opt for eye-catching colors such as red, petrol green or navy. Design professionals can also choose black in this case, however, the room should not be too small, otherwise it quickly appears cramped and smaller than it really is.

Decorate Walls with Wallpaper

If even a conspicuous wall color is too boring for you, it is best to opt for colorful wallpaper. In recent years, wallpapers have been one of the biggest trends in living especially wallpapers with jungle motifs are on the rise as a trend Olympic. With Foyr Neo this goes perfect.

Wall Decoration Ideas with Picture Frames

We no longer only place picture frames on the shelf or sideboard, but decorate our walls with them preferably in the form of a trendy gallery wall, i.e. a picture wall. There are no limits to your creativity here: whether classic side by side, along the center line or according to the motto “mix and match” whatever you like is allowed. The picture frames can also have different sizes, shapes and colors as long as they harmonize with one another and remain true to one style.

Wall Design with Picture Strips

If you would like to have a picture wall in the bedroom , hallway, living room, dining room or bathroom, but don’t want to drill as many holes in the wall, picture rails made of wood are the perfect solution. After all, several pictures, posters, etc. ideally in different sizes can be placed on one bar. This is how a gallery wall is easily created and the drill does not have to be used that often.