Complete guide for Virtual Speed Dating

Yes, virtual speed dating is a thing now. It is hard as it is to have a social life with the ongoing pandemic. Virtual speed dating is relatively new. Most people do not know how to carry out themselves during such dates. If you are willing to dive into the virtual dating world,then here is a compilation of the best tips and virtual dating etiquette.

  • Dress up

Virtual speed dating is mostly done in the comfort of your home. This is not very different from regular dating. Give it the importance you would give regular dating. Wear that best shirt or dress. It is important that you feel confident in yourself. This confidence will radiate in the dates and you will express yourself well with your dates.

  • Tidy up your home environment

Virtual dates give your potential suitors a glimpse of what they are getting into. A proper background will send a good message to your dates. What message would a room full of dirty clothes send? The beauty of virtual speed dating is the fact that you are in the comfort of your own home. Place all those things that add to the flare and beauty of your home. Check on the lighting. Not too light and not too dark will do the trick.

  • Concentrate on the dates

Virtual speed dating can be overwhelming to almost anybody. You have only four minutes to talk to your potential suitor. What will you say in four minutes to convince them that you are the right one for them? The trick is to keep it simple. Having a list of questions will ease the burden. Prepare a list that will help you get through the four minutes. Run with the flow and see where the conversation takes you.

  • Do not be shaken

Your heart is pumping hard, hands are shaking and sweating. You are struggling to strike a conversation. If this is happening to you, try relaxing and enjoying yourself. You are in the comfort of your home, where else could you be comfortable. The success of such virtual dates is very positive. You may want to give it you’re all.

Check your gear

Technology is very unpredictable. You do not want anything interrupting your date with a potential suitor. Check your Wi-Fi connection. Video calls can sometimes have a slight delay. You must give your date proper response time. If you are using a laptop or desktop make sure that the camera and microphone are well connected for a smooth experience.

Virtual speed dating is the new norm. It is the perfect way to meet new people. It puts back that human touch back to dating.If you are a hopeful single, try virtual speed dating. You never know you might just land the perfect partner. Dating sites have recently incorporated virtual speed dating on their websites. The services are very affordable and engagement and fun are guaranteed. There is no limit on the number of times you can book a date. Your options are limitless, what else could be better?