How To Create A Brand Identity Design?

Your personal identity is what differentiates you from the crowd in a room. That’s what your brand identity also does for your business. It is the unique touch that makes your business different from every other business in the industry. Your brand identity design is what shapes the visual side of your business. It shapes your company’s brand identity and is one of the top services of the Vancouver digital branding agency. Your brand identity design involves tangible elements which dictate how the world views your brand. It includes web design, logo, packaging, social media, and many more. Getting it right is an integral part of building a successful business. So how do you create a brand identity design? Let’s find out.

Figure out the Building Blocks

While a digital branding agency can help figure out the building blocks of your brand identity design, you can also determine it yourself.


The first building block of your brand identity design is typography. It may seem unimportant, but you need to choose your font wisely. Serif and Types New Roman are for those who want their brand to look traditional and trustworthy. Although Sans Serif is similar, it has a more modern feel to it. Another option is script typography and gives your brand a feminine and luxurious feel. Another typography option is to display fonts that provide a unique shape for each font and letter. It is used when you want to make a bold statement or an unforgettable impact on your audience.

Color Scheme

The next building block is your color, and you need to choose carefully. The top digital branding agency knows that people attach psychological ties to colors and are careful with choices.

Red reflects passion and excitement and is a perfect choice for youthful brands. Orange reflects high energy and gives your brand a friendly feel. It is not commonly used and will therefore make you stand out. Yellow is attributed to sunshine and reflects a cheerful vibe; brands use it for a fun and accessible feel. Green is a versatile color and makes people think of money and nature. Other colors include blue, purple, brown, pink, and black.


When it comes to brand identity design, you can’t ignore the importance of shape. It is a subtle element that can help you get the desired reaction from your target audience. For example, when hiring a digital branding agency for your logo creation, you will get different responses based on the logo’s shape. When you create a logo with round and soft edges, it evokes a feeling of unity. Brands that use the round shape develop a feeling of community and love amongst their customers. A logo with straight and sharp edges, on the other hand, makes people think of efficiency and strength. The sharp lines give your target audience a feeling of stability but should be balanced with dynamic colors. Without a balance, it can come off as impersonal and devoid of connection to your consumers.