How to Confidently Allow Mobile Messaging in Your Regulated Firm

Despite the fact that organizations of all sizes are becoming more aware of email and SMS vulnerabilities, threats remain ubiquitous. Today, a hacker may buy a phishing kit on the dark web for less than $50 and send malicious emails to hundreds of inboxes until one individual falls for the bait. This scheme can already give the hacker access to private communications and sensitive data. Smishing, which employs SMS to accomplish the same goals, has become much more common in recent years.

External opponents can also access messages while data are in transit, so such attempts aren’t the only reason for enterprises to reconsider their dependence on email and other digital communication methods. Emails transmitted using some of the most prevalent encryption methods may be readily intercepted, decoded, and hacked.

Many organizations have turned to popular consumer-oriented messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal to mitigate these dangers. Users believe that because such technology provides both end-to-end encryption and ephemerality, it can provide some of the security that email and SMS cannot. 

Unfortunately, because consumer-grade messaging apps were not built with the intention of being used by businesses, they are ill-equipped to offer the necessary security. While end-to-end encryption protects communications in transit from outside surveillance, consumer-grade messaging apps offer no security against someone screenshotting, sharing, or forwarding a message to an unintended recipient. This implies that after communication has been received, it may be easily released. And encryption only protects communications to a certain extent.

Many experts studied that a really safe workplace messaging solution is one that maintains a unified archiving system in the back end. The major goal of a unified archiving system with SFC archiving is to eliminate information silos, which can lead to duplicate mobile communications and make eDiscovery more challenging.

Here is an infographic from Telemessage that discusses more on how organizations can confidently use mobile messaging applications with SFC recording solutions.

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